The Dreaming

2023 JulyDirector / Concept / Composer / Performer
Commissioned by Freespace, West Kowloon Cultural District

Since the beginning of time, human beings have asked questions about our existence, desires, and fears. In response to this endless endeavour, music director Olivier Cong and Freespace Ensemble invite you on an imaginative journey fusing music, dance, and film this July to explore our collective states of being and nothingness.

Inspired by indigenous cultures, The Box in Freespace is transformed into a mystical space filled with sounds that blend world music and electronic elements and a set that draws power from the discovery of our inner selves.

Directed by Cong, the multimedia concert features musicians Mike Yip, Nelson Fung, Karen Yu, Ho Yi-on and Nelson Hiu, who improvise pieces from Cong’s upcoming album Tropical Church. Artistically directed by Vanessa Choi, the show opens up a conversation between the musicians, the dance artist Hou Xuchen and film director Linus Chan, whose film explores modern people’s acts of gazing and our daily woes.

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