The piano is not there anymore (A prelude for the future)

2022Artist / Performer 
Commissioned by K11 Art Foundation

The piano is not there anymore plays with the contrast of our expectation for reality and in the digital realm. Understanding the differences between live and pre-recorded materials and how differently we feel about them. Would unfulfilled expectations affect the way we perceive the musical piece? “I once saw her/him/them at…” 

The piano was once there, as seen in the video, but it is not there anymore. Same as our past-present-future emotions, and the way we see things. It was always about the journey, getting from here to there, and there to here. 

By performing John Cage’s minimalist piano work, In a landscape, Cong wishes to present a scenery of a cycle of simplistic patterns that open doors into introspection and sensitivity for sonority. The constant moving harmonics keep you intrigue, as if you were inside a moving vehicle whilst still being able to gain clarity and question the reality that’s rapidly passing you by, through the ever-changing yet repetitive nature of the composition. 

It is also a response to the saturation of online streaming performances in the time of the global pandemic, where we are used to having performances day and night from a click away. And how the evolution of art performance has changed how we perceive the work and how we would look at the negative space where the piano and performer once co-existed. 

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